Facilitating the body’s miraculous ability to heal itself

 Shannon Cooke, LMT
The benefits of therapeutic massage have been recognized for thousands of years. With the assistance of modern science, we now know why massage has long been an integral part of any natural wellness regimen. Benefits include:
*Better balance and posture
*Improved circulatory health and immune function
*Increased flexibility and range of motion
*Reduction of muscular aches, pains and spasms
*Helps maintain healthy hormone levels
*Decreases stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia
and headaches
*Can help your body prepare for and recover from;
childbirth, surgery or strenuous athletic activity
Massage can be useful in managing a variety of conditions. Including but not limited to:
*Strains, sprains and tendonitis
*Joint pain, arthritis and joint replacements
*Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia
*Sciatica and Piriformis Syndrome
*Carpal Tunnel
*Plantar fasciitis
*TMJ dysfunction and teeth grinding
*Frozen shoulder
*Shin Splints
*Bulging or Herniated Discs
*Asthma, Allergies and Sinus issues
*Gastro-Intestinal disorders
*Immune disorders
*Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and whiplash
*Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis
*Circulatory disorders
*Lyme’s Disease
*Autism Spectrum disorders
Having a lifelong passion for both art and science, Shannon found her calling in the world of massage and bodywork. After graduating from the Finger Lakes School of Massage in 2008, Shannon quickly became known for her integrative approach and ability to produce lasting results. Well versed in both Eastern and Western healing techniques, she strives to create a unique, holistic experience for mind, body and spirit.
Her work has resonated with people of all ages and conditions, with clients ranging from 1 to 101 years old. Everyone’s body is different and Shannon prides herself on her ability to communicate with clients to create a treatment that is just right for them, always keeping them comfortable and catering to their specific needs.


Focused on releasing the areas around the skull, sacrum and spinal column to optimize the results of your adjustment. Work is done through your clothes. Book one before your next adjustment and feel the difference!

Cost: $20 for 15 minutes 


The most classic and relaxing form of massage. Helps to rid your body of toxins while improving skin quality, circulation and lymphatic flow.

Cost: $40 for 30 minutes  60 min ~ $70 90 min ~ $105 120 min ~ $135



Deeper pressure to encourage release in the muscles and fascia.

Cost: 30 min ~ $45 60 min ~ $80 90 min ~ $115 120 min ~ $145


Combination of various techniques including Neuro-muscular Therapy and Myo-fascial Release. Focused on your specific conditions, injuries and areas of concern.

30 min ~ $45 60 min ~ $80 90 min ~ $115 120 min ~ $145



Customized to suit the needs of your changing body and growing baby. Reduces stress for both mother and child while helping your body prepare for the birthing process. Can be useful for natural labor induction in term and post-term pregnancies.

Cost: 30 min ~ $40 60 min ~ $70 *longer sessions aren’t recommended



Combining elements of Cranial-Sacral Therapy, Trager Technique and Kinesthetic Awareness through Movement. Perfect for those dealing with conditions affecting the nervous system.

Cost: 30 min ~ $40 60 min ~ $70 90 min ~ $105 120 min ~ $135



Assisted stretches and pressure point stimulation promote blood flow and energy movement along meridians of your body.

Cost: 30 min ~ $45 60 min ~ $80 90 min ~ $115



Pressure points manipulated on feet and hands to promote proper energy flow throughout the body.

Cost: 30 min ~ $30 *Add on to any massage for $25 60 min ~ $60



Detoxifies while promoting better organ function and digestive health.

Cost: 30 mins- $35 *Add on to any massage for $25 60 min ~ $65



Ancient method for cleansing the ear canal and relieving sinus pressure and seasonal allergies

Cost: $50



Cost: $1 per min